Junior Rockers offers lessons during the school term for a range of instruments. Lesson prices may vary depending on program, all costs and lesson information can be found on our website. 


In addition to the lesson costs, students will require a textbook depending on their level and instrument, the cost of each book is $30 per book. 

Automatic Re-Enrolment 

Your child will be automatically re-enrolled in music classes each term unless we are notified in writing to info@juniorrockers.com prior to the commencement of the term. 

Withdrawal Policy 

To withdraw from your child’s music lessons, you must send an email to info@juniorrockers.com two weeks prior to the term beginning. Following payment and commencement of School Term, refunds will not be issued for mid-term withdrawal. Lessons will be fulfilled until the end of Term, or removed from the schedule upon request. 

Missed Lessons – During School Lessons 

If a child is sick or absent, the parent must notify Junior Rockers before 9am on the day of lesson through the Junior Rockers Portal by clicking on the calendar and marking the lesson your child will miss. 

Lessons missed without notification before 9am will not receive a make-up lesson. If we are notified, your child will receive one make-up lesson per term. Missed lessons will not be refunded or credited. 

Any lesson missed due to a school event or because a Junior Rockers teacher is unavailable, additional make-up lessons will be provided. 

Missed Lessons – After School Lessons 

If your child is enrolled for After-School Lessons, they are not eligible for the one make-up lesson per term policy. 

Make-Up Lessons for Shared Students 

If your child is enrolled for Shared Lessons, we will schedule a make-up lesson to another appropriate Shared Lesson with an exisiting two students. Should there be an opportunity to schedule the lesson with a Shared Student without a current lesson partner, we will schedule the make-up lesson accordingly. 

Lesson Cost and Billing 

1. Lessons are billed in advance for the entire term, you receive an invoice 1-2 weeks prior the start of lessons. A typical Term is 10 weeks long.

2. Junior Rockers will provide a tax invoice via email for the cost of the term. Fees are to be paid by the due date to ensure your child’s lessons are secured.

3. Payment may be made through two ways; Credit Card (Surcharge of 1.8%) or Direct Debit 

4. Junior rockers utilises auto payment from Credit Card. Your Credit Card details are stored in a secure external storage service provided by a third part Payment Gateway. 

If you believe there is an issue with your account or fees charged, please email to info@juniorrockers.com immediately. 


To the extent permitted by law, you agree that in respect of any liability by you in relation to these Terms and Conditions or the provision of the lessons, any loss or damage suffered by you, including (without limitation) liability for any negligent act, omission or misrepresentation by Junior Rockers or any breach by Junior Rockers of any warranty under Australian Consumer Law or under any other law or implied by a court, shall be limited to: providing the lesson again; or payment of the cost of having the lesson provided again, whichever Junior Rocker’s in its absolute discretion elects. You agree to release Junior Rocker’s from all claims to the extent that Junior Rocker’s liability exceeds this amount. 

(a) To the extent that any loss or damage suffered by you is due to an act, omission, negligence, fault or lack of care on your part or on the part of any person for whom you are responsible, Junior Rockers are not liable for the loss or damage. 

(b) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Junior Rockers will not be liable to you for any indirect, special, economic or other consequential loss, including but not limited to loss of revenue, loss of contract, loss of profit howsoever arising and whether in action tort, in equity, under statute or on any other basis.

(c) Junior Rockers will not be liable for any losses, claims, expenses, actions, demands, damages, liabilities or any other proceedings arising out of reliance on any information you provide that is false, misleading or incomplete including as part of using the Junior Rockers parent portal (operated by My Music Staff).You agree to indemnify Junior Rockers from any liability Junior Rockers may have to you or any third party as a result of any information supplied to Junior Rockers by you or any of your agents, where such information and documentation is false, misleading or incomplete in a material respect. 

(d) Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects your rights under the Australian Consumer Law. 

Governing Law 

The governing law of these Terms and Conditions shall be the laws of the State in which the student is enrolled. 

Privacy Policy 

To the extent permitted by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and without further reference to you, you consent to Junior Rockers: 

(a) disclosing information about your account (including personal information and details concerning the conduct of your account) to third party debt collection agents, credit reporting agencies and/or overseas contractors engaged by Junior Rockers for the purpose of assisting with Junior Rockers’ program delivery; 

(b) collecting your personal information for the purpose of establishing, maintaining, customising and administering the lessons; 

(c) collecting your personal information for the purpose of communicating and marketing to you (for example, to inform you of Junior Rockers’ available lesson spaces); and 

(d) collecting your financial/payment information for the purpose of issuing tax invoices and processing and enforcing payments.