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To get started, find your school and see what instrumental programs we offer at the school. If we’re not currently teaching there, no problem - we have a great range of music lessons available online. Once you’ve found your school, select one of the available instruments your child would like to learn and follow the sign up process to begin your child’s musical journey today!


Our fantastic online portal allows you to view all upcoming booked lessons and provides access to paying invoices, along with any other information you need.


Our mission is to help young primary school students begin their musical journey and have fun while doing it. At Junior Rockers we believe a great music program offers an engaging contemporary repertoire that students recognise and relate to, while also buiding their technical muscial abilities. Our passionate teachers guide students through technical exercises that build their ability on the instrument and instruct them on music theory to create an understanding of the foundations of music.


We offer a band program for all students at the school including those learning outside the school. The band programs run during recess and lunch times. Under the guidance of one of our teachers, students are invited to create bands and put together performance pieces as a group. The teachers help to coordinate the bands and prepare and rehearse their performance pieces.


We provide a number of complimentary performance opportunities for our students. These include concerts, assembly performances and community events such as school fetes. All students receive the chance to play at different events throughout the course of the year. Often the bands are a big feature of these events.


We invite schools to select one student in each year level to receive a full Junior Rockers scholarship. These students would receive a year of free shared music lessons in the instrument of their choice.


We offer 25-30 minute musical lessons for primary school-aged students in a variety of instruments on school grounds with qualified musical teachers.

Our instrumental programs include:


By carefully selecting only the very best applicants to begin the training process, we can ensure that Junior Rockers really does have the very best music teachers around. We start with the most motivated and enthusiastic teachers then we work with them to train them in our method before they begin teaching. They then also recei ve ongoing training and support ensuring all our teachers are always up to date with the latest innovations and developments in music education. To learn more about our Child Safety Policy and Covid-19 Safety Plan click here.


Our admin team handle all parent enquiries and requests. They also manage the timetabling of lessons and communicating the timetables to the school and parents.

As a part of their regular duties, they would check the school newsletter for any upcoming activities that may conflict with the current timetable and proactively work around them.




Does Junior Rockers Provide Equipment?

Junior Rockers can provide all equipment needed to run lessons at your school. Should your school wish to purchase new music equipment, we are able to use the room hire that we would normally pay the school to pay for new equipment. The music equipment is provided to the school immediately, so that it can be used for lessons right away, and is paid off by the room hire fee over time, free of interest.

Will The Fees Increase Each Year?

Our fees are revised at the end of each year. We increase our fees in line with CPI for a fair and transparent process.

Can Junior Rockers Accommodate Students With Special Medical Needs?

As a part of our online sign up process, parents are given the chance to enter any relevant medical or other information they would like to make Junior Rockers aware of. This information is stored in our encrypted database and is used to ensure that teachers are fully briefed and can adapt lessons to suit the individual needs of their students.

All Junior Rockers teachers undergo training in our comprehensive OHS policy before they begin work. This covers events such as anaphilaxis and emergency management.

What Happpens If A Student Cannot Attend A Lesson?

For any unplanned absence, we ask parents to provide notice to our office before 9am on the day of their child’s lesson. They can do so by phone, email or SMS. Where they provide notice that they are unable to attend their lesson, we will provide a refund or a catch up lesson at a suitable time. date, and insured.